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medevial house N ° 3

medevial house N ° 3
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medevial house N ° 3
Reference : BAT003
Medieval House N ° 3

This model can fit 28mm / 32mm size figurines
You also have the possibility to color your windows (see photo)

The model is print in 100 micron or 200 micron depending on your choice. Impressions are on demand and may take several days.

the price includes the house alone. For the bread oven the order is made separately, the price being in the options.
For the oven there are two different with 3 different hats, you just have to choose the oven you want, the three chimney caps are supplied with accessories.

You can choose your house among 3 different roof choices and also the possibility to order just the roof of your choice.
This means that you can order the house with a roof of your choice, then place another order just for another roof, which allows you to be able to modulate the style of your house according to your game table.

possibility of having this medieval house in the following sizes (6 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 40 mm) by contacting me

This model is produced by Black Skrolls Games
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